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Foork is a FSMS (Food Service Management System) allowing companies to work with cafeterias and other food suppliers to provide employees with quality catering services tailored to their needs and preferences.

With Foork, your employees will be able to choose menus or packages, served on the spot or delivered!

The app enables companies to set up customized budgets for employees and provide optional fixed or percentage grants for their meals.

About foork...

Cash register module and order labeling module are included.
Foork flexibility

Extra flexibility

Ideal for cafeterias and companies with specific requirements.
Foork users

Four user levels

Four user levels: cafeteria / catering, company, cashier, employee.
Foork configuration

Thorough configuration

Options to customize according to work shifts, pre-order placement, deadline for sending orders.
Foork crossdevice

Cross-device compatible

Browser based app, accessible on any platform – Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, accommodating every screen size.
Foork security

Data security

Hosted in a data center equipped with the highest level of physical and data security (CCTV, chip cards for secure access, fire protection, non-stop building monitoring, lock systems rooms).
Foork raport

Detailed reporting

Effective cost control, production forecasting.
Foork interface

Simplified interface

Simplified interface
Foork services

Service management

Optional grants, fixed or variable, special offers in products or credits, end-of-month settlement reporting, orders history.
Foork budgets

Budget management

Employee budget management, similar to using available credit in an electronic wallet.
Foork payment

Several payment methods

Pay cash or card, online or at check-out.

Foork can be used for...


  • option to grant fixed or percentage subsidies to employees;
  • menus and products can be personalized for each employee category;
  • adding employees by importing PDF and CSV files generated by ERP or HRM applications already in use;
  • visible and continued cost management;
  • thorough reports available any time;
  • user blocking and budgets retention;
Foork Companii


Foork Angajati
  • authentication with user name and password or RFID card;
  • quick access to a variety of offers and menus;
  • precise evidence of costs and subsidies allocated by the employer;
  • several payment choices available;
  • multiple order entry options: 24 hours ahead, at start of work shift or directly at canteen representative;


  • accurate and real-time information about available offers and received requests;
  • adding new products and product categories;
  • customizing your offer, menus, and packages;
  • setting payment means in agreement with companies;
  • different types of reports on various time intervals;
  • reducing losses caused by unsolicited offers or canceled orders;
Foork Cantine

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